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Forthcoming publications

"Third tarsal bone fractures in the racing Greyhound". Accepted for publication in Journal of Small Animal Practice.


Research projects:

"A radiographic survey of the glenohumeral joint in racing Greyhounds". This study has been funded by the British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association.
Aims: to identify, quantify and determine the clinical significance of pathological changes seen on radiographs of racing Greyhounds.
Results to date: over 50% of active and retired racing Greyhounds have radiographic pathological changes in the shoulder joints.
The main changes are:
fragmentation of the caudal glenoid (30%)
mineralisation of the insertion of the supraspinatus muscle (20%)
ossification of the tendon of origin of the acrimion head of the deltoid muscle 9%)
osteoarthritis (6%)
None of these changes were thought to be clinically significant.

large bone fragment just distal to the acromion within the tendon of the deltoid

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